Final Exam Review Sheet

Text Concepts

Text Concepts (continued)

SRD One-Way Between Groups ANOVA

between group variability
within group variability
degrees of freedom
Sum of Squares & Mean Squares
assumptions of test
F statistic
F ratio
p value


describing designs (e.g., 2 X 3)
between, within, mixed design
fixed versus random factors
finding the degrees of freedom for between groups ANOVAs
factors (IVs)
main and interaction effects
interpreting interaction effects
graphing main and interaction effects
how adding factors adds statistical power
variance partitioning
sum of square types

RMD One-Way Within Groups ANOVA

between people variability
within people variability
between people variability
residual variability
degrees of freedom
Sum of Squares & Mean squares
F statistic, F ratio, p value
homogeneity of covariance assumption


Equation y' = bx + a
Interpretation of slope and intercept
Properties of predicted and residual values (y' and y-y')
Variance partitioning, r2, and proportional reduction in error
Regression towards the mean
Standard error of estimate

Post-hoc tests

Multiple comparison tests
problems with multiple t-tests
experiment wise alpha
Scheffe' method
Least significant differences
Bonferroni technique

Multiple Regression Part 2

Entry strategies (forward and forced entry)
ways to assess independent contributions (b, beta, r, part and partial r)
Change in r2
adding interaction terms to MR

Chi-Square Test

Goodness of fit test
Test of Independence
degrees of freedom for Chi-Square
Chi-Square Table
Expected values
Expected Chi-Square value under Ho

Testing for Moderation and Mediation in Regression

adding / testing interaction terms
Barron and Kenny's Method to test for mediation


Normal distribution and expected value
t distribution and expected value
F distribution and expected value
Chi-Square distribution and expected value