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Advanced Statistics In Pyschology

Course: PS 310
Section: 01
Semester: Fall 2015

Room: JH280
Time: MW 8:35 am - 9:50 am

This course is designed for the serious junior or senior psychology major who is sincerely interested in advanced statistical techniques as applied to contemporary problems of modern scientific psychology.  As such, this course is designed to teach many of the concepts needed to understand, conduct, and interpret common statistical procedures and techniques.   The emphasis of this course is on the acquisition of conceptual, rather than procedural, knowledge that can be demonstrated by selecting, applying and interpreting appropriate statistical procedures.

Although this course is designed primarily to teach skills related to using the statistical techniques necessary to conduct behavioral and social science research, students from any field will benefit from a solid background in basic statistical methods.  Professionals in almost every field are required to read, interpret, and use research reports.  These reports usually rely on statistical analyses to draw conclusions and suggest courses of action.  Knowledge of statistics is therefore important to help one understand and interpret these reports.  Research, employing statistical analyses, is not only becoming increasingly important in our working life, but is clearly having a greater impact on our everyday lives as well.  Everyday in newspapers, magazines and on television, studies are reported and evidence is pointed to that "proves" some relationship or conclusion.  Survey results, reported almost daily, "demonstrate" some preference for one view over another.  Students who apply themselves to this course will acquire skills that are valuable for critically interpreting such data based conclusions.


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